Myths and Legends of Eastern Europe part 1 & 2 Various artists from Eastern Europe

For ages the East has been believed to be the area of wisdom and the West the zone of practical implementation of ideas. Evolutionary loops, moving from east to west and back, generate sometimes grotesque cultural stereotypes.

Place and space have a certain effect on manifestations of human emotions and cultural ideologies. So the West perceives eastern Europe as mysterious, as the place where the world is similar to the alternative reality. However, the eastern peoples themselves consider their own soul as a kind of mystery. It is misunderstood and obscure to the end. In the minds of people there was a religious principle, which was replaced by the communist ideology during the days of the Soviet Union. This ideology also disappeared with the collapse of the gigantic empire. The past is forever gone and the present is now in a process of reformation.

Philosophical views are like disassembled puzzles of a tangled labyrinth. Ideology that unites society is blurred. An ideal phase to form myths, myths that organize society. There comes a period of comprehension of self-identity. Artists melt the chaos of space with the fragmentation of consciousness and thus form a new mental world. A world that reveals what is essential for Eastern Europe. The exhibits are a focus of thoughts and set concrete form to the floating space of abstract ideas. New vectors of development are taking place. A comprehension of mentality and the process of probing the new codes of mythologies is occurring.

The first aim of the project Myths and Legends of Eastern Europe (part 1 and 2) is an attempt to familiarize the residents of the Far West with the myths and legends of the newly formed East. It is the place where the newborn self-identity manifests itself in the construction of new myths. The second aim is an attempt to look at the East through the eyes of Western Europeans.

Iryna Berezhko

Part 1 is from October 26 till November 16 2013

Part 2 is from November 23 till December 14 2013