The Chaos of Cyberspace.
Abstract Surrealism
Various artists from Eastern Europe

The project “The chaos of cyberspace. Abstract surrealism” is a new vision on the convergence of abstract art and surrealism. While abstraction indicates a departure from reality in the depiction of imagery towards nonobjective and nonrepresentational art, surrealism works with elements not normally found together to produce illogical and startling effects. We in turn create an imagery based on a juxtaposition of two distant realities melting these art movements together.

Nowadays cyberspace is the most significant influence that shapes the modern mentality. Cyberspace creates a collage of deceptive impressions that belong to everybody and nobody at the same time. It seduces to be everywhere at once or to be nobody and nowhere. The world is full of aggressive images attacking the consciousness and sub-consciousness. These images settle in our memory leaving behind a string of tangled emotions. This can result in an identity crisis. A human being is unable to separate his own consciousness from the response of a search engine to the questions he sets. Cyberspace creates an endlessly mutating abstract puzzle. Renewed automatic text in a non-stop mode.

The convergence of abstraction and surrealism becomes a strategy to attain a new level of emotional integrity avoiding frustration and various forms of escape. The eye of a human simplifies the reality, removing unnecessary details. It is possible to conceive of stable and steady abstract forms and at the same time focus on fleeting images and fantasies of surrealism. The meanings of visual language begin to mix with the quirky aesthetics of manifold interpretations. Abstract surrealism for us is an attempt to set new goals and to recognize new trends in contemporary art.

Vadim Bondero
Iryna Berezhko
Luba Tokareva

The exhibition is from September 28 till October 19 2013